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What is specialty coffee ?

For most of the time we’ve known coffees to be traded as a commodity. Some claim it is the second most traded commodi...

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Post-harvest processing

We are a land of farms and a country of agriculturists. Agriculture is the most common occupation across the country....

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Choosing the right grind size

With each coffee maker, their filtration method changes. While some have stainless steel, other would have a nylon, o...

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About brewing coffee

When brewing coffees, each coffee behaves differently in each brewer. Each brewer has a different technique and is ma...

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Packaging of coffee

Coffees are always meant to be stored in air-tight containers. These containers must be opaque and kept away from sun...

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Coffee cocktail recipes

Check out coffee cocktail recipes and do share your versions with us !Check out coffee cocktail recipes and do share ...

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Coffee dessert recipes

Check out coffee dessert recipes and do share your versions with us !Check out coffee dessert recipes and do share yo...

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Coffee events, caterings

Reach out to us for a coffee counter at your special occasion! You may also collect your friends and family and invit...

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RARE India

RARE is a curated collection of stand-alone Conscious Luxury Hotels in India, Nepal and Bhutan that form a responsibl...

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