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About brewing coffee

About brewing coffee

When brewing coffees, each coffee behaves differently in each brewer. Each brewer has a different technique and is made of a different material. While a mokapot is kept over a stove and brews coffees at boiling temperature, a French press is typically brewed at a lower temperature and a pourover at an even lower. However, it’s completely dependent on what coffee you’re using and what you’re trying to achieve at the time of brewing. For a washed coffee, a high temperature like 96-98 degrees would be okay. For a PSD or naturals, it would be highly recommended to use lower temperatures like 90-92 – sometimes even as low as 80 degrees to brew coffee. This is primarily because we want to achieve the nuanced, sweet notes in coffee that have come into the bean due to the unique post-harvest processing methods. There are however no strict rules to brewing coffee. I firmly believe everybody has their own way of brewing coffee and feel a sense of ownership and pride in their process. While you might be brewing all coffees the same way, it could sometimes be an unfair judgement of the final cup. Hence, it’s important for brands to inform customers and for customers to be open about making small changes to their brewing processes.
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