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Brand Story

Bili Hu is born out of a passion for good coffees !

Our purpose is to bring to your cup, unique and interesting coffees that were meant only for export until now. Also, we are continuously on the lookout for coffees with a unique story at the crop level or at a post-harvest stage.

We strive to sensitise your palate to premium standalone coffees while we also offer you balanced blends that are easily available at our clients’ hotels, restaurants and cafes. For the same, we encourage you try coffees brewed in manual filters apart from the espresso machine.

The coffees we offer have been created in close collaboration with some of the best Curers, roasters and coffee estate owners across India.

The word Bili Hu comes from Kannada - a language spoken in the state of Karnataka where coffees were first grown in India. ‘Bili hu’ is a white flower symbolic of the coffee plant flower, that blooms to signify the yield in harvest season.


I'm an Environments Designer by profession with experience in designing in retail showrooms, brewpubs, exhibitions, events, installations, television set design and other narrative environments.

My journey started with the coffee board of India. I was working on a hypothetical retail design project back in 2012 with an aim to promote Indian grown coffees and figure out an entire retail strategy and an appropriate design solution to support the same. I reached out to the coffee board of India in Delhi and Bangalore to help me with information and guide me as I was completely new to the industry. By the time of completion, I gained interest in coffee so much, I thought to take this retail model further and refine it to suit a practical life scenario.

 Over time, I gained keen interest in creating different blends, experimenting with roasts and developing interesting flavours.



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