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Mysore Nugget Extra Bold

Mysore Nugget Extra Bold

Bili hu

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Single origin coffee - Chikmagalur

Roast level : Medium

Processing : Plantation (washed)

Mysore Nuggets extra bold is one of India’s treasured coffees. Given the size of arabica beans being more like that of a nugget, the legend has it the coffees were earlier presented only to the royalty in Mysore. 

We hope you appreciate this gourmet coffee! Most suitable for preparations in espresso machines.

Pack size : 200gms


Tasting Notes : 

Whole Beans - Spices, Chocolate, Medium acidity, Full body, lingering aftertaste

French Press - Spices, Bell peppers, Medium acidity, Full body

Drip filter - Cacao, bell peppers, Medium acidity, Full body

Mokapot / Percolator - Sweetened Chocolate, Low acidity, Full body

Espresso - Milk chocolate, Spices, lingering aftertaste, Medium acidity, Full body, bright balance cup

Aeropress - Milk chocolate, Spices, Bell peppers, Medium acidity, Full body.


Customer Reviews

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Siddhesh Parelkar

Mysore Nugget Extra Bold

This special Mysore Coffee

Consistently rich flavour in every batch of the roast.
Just perfect for home espresso . Really enjoying the Bili Hu service and overall experience for the last 3 years now. Thank you.

Alok Mohanty

It was lovely on the moka

gustavo westmann

excellent coffee!