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Kalledevarapura Estate (Medium Roast)

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 Whole Beans - Peanut Butter, Dried Raisins, Medium acidity, full body

Coffee Variety - Arabica Beans

Post-Harvest Process - Washed

Roast Level - Medium Roast

Region - Chikmagalur, Karnataka 

Kalledevarapura Estate - Chikmagalur's Finest Single Estate. Kalledevarapura is famous for its high-altitude Arabica coffee. Located in the hilly upper Chikmagalur, also called the Mullayanagiri region, The coffee plants are grown under thick shade from wild forest trees, helping them grow slowly and ripen fully throughout the year.

Kalledevarapura uses eco-friendly farming methods and grows all its crops sustainably. The Arabica beans are medium-roasted and processed using the washed method.

The farmers & pluckers at the plantation receive free housing, healthcare, and education benefits.

Tasting Notes : 

Whole Beans - Milk chocolate, Oranges, Medium acidity, Full body 

French Press - Chocolates, Oranges, sweet aftertaste, Medium acidity, Full body

Drip filter - Chocolate, soft buttery mouthfeel, Orange, Jaggery-like sweetness, Medium acidity, Full body

Mokapot / Percolator - Milk Chocolate, jaggery-like sweetness, Medium acidity, Full body

Espresso - Milk chocolate, sweet, citrus caramel finish, Medium acidity, Full body

Aeropress -  Sweet Oranges, Dark Chocolate, Medium acidity, Full body 

Customer Reviews

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Ipsa sambhi

Kalledevarapura Estate (Medium Roast)

Shivam Shrivastav
Notes are muted

Most of your coffees live up to the notes written on the package. This, however, has very muted notes which are palpable only when taken black (pourover or americano). In any milk based drink, the notes almost disappear leaving a generic coffee taste.

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