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RARE India

RARE India

RARE is a curated collection of stand-alone Conscious Luxury Hotels in India, Nepal and Bhutan that form a responsible community of experiential hotels. A discerning collection of heritage forts and palaces, glam camps, boutique homestays, jungle lodges, plantation bungalows, private villas by the sea, yoga, wellness and spa retreats; each hotel on the RARE list is unique, intimate and powered by charismatic hosts and their abiding passions.

Their collection of concept hotels are ‘not just hotels’. One can be assured that the experience is the highlight, nature a prevailing theme, cuisine a delectable treat, fine detailing almost an obsession, concept and design matchless attributes.

Finally community and conservation are inherent values with responsible tourism practices where several partners have integrated Conscious Luxury practices at the deepest level while others are active in the journey.

At Bili hu coffees, we are excited to collaborate with RARE India and are able to brew some of the finest Indian estate coffees across unique stay experiences in the country.

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