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Sustainability in Coffee

Sustainability in Coffee

We work with farms that are using sustainable agricultural practices and encourage regenerative farming.

It is the need of the hour to reduce our wastage and we absolutely acknowledge it and is a key factor in our sourcing. We encourage farmers to grow coffees without the usage of external fertilisers, use farm manure and not use any chemicals to increase yield.

For pesticides, a lot of farms have started developing their own neem oil sprays and use similar remedies to ward off pests. For nutrition to top soil, some farms use dolomite which brings back lost nutrients. Many partner farms are certified by USDA, UDS, IMO India organic, and many are farmer certified wherein we work on the basis of trust. Some farms are also certified as bird friendly habitats and are certified by wildlife conservation society for their work in encouraging wild animals to pass through the estate or rarely, make it their home. Some farms are also certified by rainforest alliance given that Chikmagalur is one of the most bio-diverse hotspots of the world with a massive variety of flora and fauna found in here.

While plantations are certified, we are not certified and hence use no labels on our packaging. We however do not contaminate the product at any point in the supply chain and dedicate special care at the time of roasting, grinding and packing coffees.

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