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Balur Estate (Medium Roast)

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Whole Beans Red Wine, Grapes, Citrus Berries, Chocolate, Medium acidity, Full body

Coffee Variety - Arabica Beans
Post-Harvest Process - Red Honey sun-dried 
Roast Level - Medium Roast
Region - Chikmagalur, Karnataka  

100% Arabica Beans sourced from Balur Estate in the heart of Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

Crafted with care by the skilled hands of third-generation coffee planters, this single estate spans 250 acres of lush, naturally cultivated land. A legacy passed down from the era of British rule, Balur Estate stands as a testament to sustainable farming practices.

Nurtured without the need for external fertilizers or pesticides, this plantation thrives in harmony with nature. Beyond coffee, the estate yields a bounty of nutmeg, cacao, citrus fruits, and jackfruit. Nestled within its verdant expanse lies a serene lake, providing ample water to sustain its diverse crops.

Here, each coffee cherry receives the finest care, benefiting from the rich nutrients of the land and the pristine environment in which it grows.

Tasting Notes : 

Whole Beans - Peanuts, Jaggery, Medium acidity, Full body
French Press - Butter, Peanuts, Maple syrup, Medium acidity, Full body
Drip Filter - Walnuts, Salted caramel, Medium acidity, Full body
Mokapot / Percolator - Walnuts, Caramel aftertaste, Low acidity, Full body
Espresso - Black Grapes, Toffee, Medium acidity, Full body
Aeropress - Nutty, jaggery sweet aftertaste, Medium acidity, Medium body

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Baradhwaj Coleppa
Very good, but won't be ordering again

This coffee was really good (especially after my recent horrible Maxwell House experience!), however, the drip version does not sit great with me. It's perhaps because I haven't figured out the exact proportions yet, but there is the little sour aftertaste that I don't enjoy. (The French press version of Malabar that I ordered is exquisite and I'll be putting in another order soon).

Shivam Shrivastav
Very fragrant, ok taste

This is more fragrant than Gunibyle or Aghora. Smells fantastic, the notes come through well.
The taste is ok. Not wow but no complaints.
Overall recommended for milk based drinks.

Astha Baranwal
Balur state

Great aftertaste!

Kabir Uppal

Single estate coffee - Balur

Akshita Sharma
Excellent coffee!

Loved the yummy maple, peanut taste of this coffee. My experience with Bili Hu hasn't disappointed even once.

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