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Hot Coffee Drip Bags

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Blend of Arabica Coffee Beans from two different plantations in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Washed and Pulped, Sundried Arabicas come together to lend a naturally berry like sweet taste to your cup, balancing out the bitterness with a bold body. Enjoy it hot, cold as it is or with milk.

1. 100% coffee from Chikmagalur, Karnataka.
2. Serves one cup per sachet
3. Net weight : 11grams

How to brew?
- Tear off the top of the bag
- Shake lightly to level and place the hanger onto the cup.
- Slowly pour hot water till the bag's neck.
- Add more water once the filter is done filtering.
- Stop pouring more water, once the brewed coffee level in the cup rises till midway through the filter
- Remove and discard the used filter and serve.
- Brewing time is under 2 mins.
- Total hot water required: 200ml.

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