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Hot Coffee Drip Bags (Set of 9)

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Our Drip Bags are a blend of Arabica Coffee Beans sourced from two distinct plantations in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Through a process of washing and pulping, these sundried Arabicas unite to deliver a naturally sweet, berry-like flavor profile, harmonizing the bold body and bitterness of the brew. Whether savored hot, cold or with milk, indulge in its rich taste.

  1. Crafted entirely from Chikmagalur, Karnataka's coffee offerings.
  2. Each sachet caters to a single-cup serving.
  3. Travel Friendly 
  4. Net weight: 11 grams

Brewing your favorite cup has never been simpler:

  • Tear open the bag at the top.
  • Gently shake to ensure even distribution and place the hanger securely over the cup.
  • Slowly pour hot water into the bag until it reaches the neck.
  • Refill with more water once the filtration process completes.
  • Cease pouring when the brewed coffee level in the cup reaches midway through the filter.
  • Discard the used filter and serve.
  • Brewing time: under 2 minutes.
  • Total hot water required: 200ml.

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