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Gunibyle Estate

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Whole Beans - Plum, Berries, Chocolate, Medium acidity, Medium body

100% Arabica beans

Single estate coffee: Chikmagalur

Roast level: Medium

Processing: Naturals, shade-dried

Ever wondered what a farmer does in terms of innovation at their plantation?
The planters at Gunibyle Estate are growing coffees along with cacao. Multi-crop agriculture has been a part of our heritage which we managed to change by dedicating different plots to different crops. However, we’re going back to the original practices of growing crops together and hence noticing a difference in the quality of yield.

Tasting Notes : 

Whole Beans - Plum, Berries, Chocolate, Medium acidity, Medium body

French Press - Blueberry, Chocolate, Low acidity, Medium body

Drip Filter - Chocolate, Plum Wine, Medium acidity, Full body

Mokapot / Percolator - Mulled Wine, Cacao Nibs, Medium acidity, Medium body

Espresso - Chocolates, Plum Wine, Medium acidity, Full body

Aeropress -  Grapes, Chocolate, Medium acidity, Medium body

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