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San Ramon | GUNIBYLE ESTATE (Light Roast)

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Whole Beans : Dark Chocolate / Raisins

Coffee Variety - Arabica Beans
Post-Harvest Process - Naturals
Roast Level - Light Roast
Region - Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Originally hailing from Costa Rica, the seeds of this plant varietal found their way to Gunibyle estate, where they were carefully nurtured and cultivated. With a gentle roast, this arabica micro-lot shines in various manual brewing methods and even surprises as an espresso. Its flavor profile reveals hints of dark chocolate, raisins, and pomegranate.

The San Ramon, a type of Arabica coffee bean, owes its name to the city of San Ramon in Costa Rica, a prominent agricultural hub situated just 27 miles from the Alajuela province in the Northeast. Known for its sweetness, rich aroma, and undertones of dark cocoa, San Ramon beans also boast of a delightful citrus acidity. 

Net Weight - 200g 

Tasting Notes -

Whole Beans: Dark Chocolate / Raisins

Espresso: Pomegranate, Dates, and lingering dark chocolate aftertaste. Medium acidity, full body

Mokapot/South Indian Filter: Indian Raisins and dark chocolate with lingering black grapes aftertaste. Medium acidity, Full Body

Drip Filter/Pour over: Orange, Dried apricot. Low acidity, Medium body

Aeropress: Grapefruit, maple syrup, Port wine. Medium acidity, Full body

French Press: Plums, apple cider. Medium body, low acidity

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