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Cold brew blend

Cold brew blend

Bili hu

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What Do You Get: A Combo of 3 packs of the Cold Brew Blend {70gms each}

Product Description: Ready to start the day with a great cuppa? Here’s yours! Bili Hu’s awesome coffee blend is made from Arabica beans sourced from the Chikmagalur region which have a rich body with fruity overtones. The coffees in the blend are meticulously chosen to complement and bring out nuances in each sip of the beverage.

How Do I Make It?
1. Take 1 pack (70gms) of coffee powder and add 1 litre of water.
2. Cover and leave it undisturbed for 16-18 hours.
3. Use steel strainer and an additional muslin cloth to strain.
4. Store it in a refrigerator in a closed lid bottle/flask.
5. Use within the next 7-10 days.
6. When serving, add ice cubes, milk, and sweetener to taste.

Size: 70gms in each pack.