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Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper Set (Ideal Gift Kit)

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All of Hario's products have the same philosophy at heart: quality and functionality that are beautiful and useful in equal measure. The all in one ceramic dripper pot set will allow you to achieve maximum, controlled extraction from freshly ground beans.

Why use the Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper Pot Set?

Expect the unexpected from Hario V60 Porcelain coffee brewer kit : The Hario V60 dripper is responsive to numerous variables—more, in fact, than many other coffee drippers on the market. Ceramic dripper (Porcelain) is durable, helps to prevent heat loss during the brewing cycle and is neutral so it will not affect the coffee taste. This is because of three design factors:

1. The cone shape (60º angle):

By coning the coffee dripper, the ground coffee are in a thicker layer than in the regular fan. The water flows to the center, extending the amount of time it is in contact with the grounds. Better flavour even in a small number of servings and more ground coffee extraction than from a regular fan dripper.

2. Large Single Hole:

A large single hole in the bottom allows the tip of paper filter to 'drop' from the dripper. Freeing the water to extract more from the ground coffee, as a flannel filter would. The flavour changes by the speed the water flows, letting the brewer determine the taste.

3. Spiral Ribs:

The ribs on the dripper walls rise all the way to the top, creating enough space between the filter paper and the dripper, so they don't cling. This space allows the air to escape when brewing to maximize expansion of the ground coffee. So going back to the variables, the two most important ones you can play with are grind size and water flow. If you slowly add water, the result will be a full bodied coffee, but if you add water more quickly, it will end up with a weaker extraction and a lighter-bodied coffee.



  • A perfect gift set kit which includes V60 Dripper, Glass Server, Paper Filters and Measuring Spoon.
  • Brews directly into the provided Borosilicate Heat Resistant Glass Coffee server with White handle and cap and Microwave safe.
  • Dishwasher safe hand made Porcelain V60 Dripper. It prevents heat loss during brewing.
  • Unique Cone design leads to a uniform brew. Design derived from nature.
  • Cone Shape - The cone adds depth to the coffee layer.
  • Large Single Hole - The big hole can change coffee taste by the speed of water flow.
  • Spiral Ribs - Spiral ribs for maximum coffee expansion.
  • You are the command. Manual brewing allows you, the user, to control brewing time and temperature.
  • Unique BPA free Polypropylene measuring spoon in White color which holds 12g of ground coffee..
  • Comes with 01 size 40 nos. of  brown paper filters (oxygen bleached).
  • Ideal for use with a Hario S.S. Buono gooseneck kettle (Sold Separately).
  • Made in Japan, with V60 Dripper Handmade.

Note: 40 sheets of Hario Paper Filters are included with this product as a part of the kit thereby setting as an ideal gifting set.



  • Handmade porcelain v60 dripper (white) for 1 - 2 cups v60 heat resistant borosilicate glass and dishwasher safe coffee server with white cap in BPA free polypropylene (white)
  • 40 filter brown color papers (oxygen bleached) filters
  • Measuring spoon in BPA Free Polypropylene (white)


BRAND: Hario (Japan). Imported Directly From Hario Japan Factory.
TYPE: V60Dripper Pour Over Kit
COLOR: White Capacity: 1-2 Cups
MODEL: Vds-3012W (V60 Pour Over Coffee Kit)
MADE BY: Hario In Japan


HEIGHT: 220 mm
WIDTH: 115 mm
DEPTH: 115 mm
WEIGHT: 565gms



SUMMARY: Warranty as per manufacturer