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Bili Hu Coffees - Iconic coffee combo (Pack of 3)

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Arabica & Robusta

Indian estate coffee blends - Chikmagalur, Mangalore, Manjarabad

Roast level : Light to Medium

Processing : Unwashed arabica,(Monsooned Malabar), Washed arabica(Mysore Nuggets), Washed robusta (Robusta Kaapi Royale)

These are 3 very unique coffees curated by the Coffee board of India that also put Indian coffees on the global coffee scene.

Monsooned Malabar, a 100% arabica blend is uniquely processed on the Malabar coast of India. They have earthy, woody notes, with less acidity and medium body.

Mysore nuggets, a 100% arabica blend that mostly comprises of the largest sized coffee beans. They have spicy, chocolatey notes with medium acidity and full body.

Robusta kaapi royale, a 100% robusta blend that is grown at lower elevations and boasts of the largest sized robusta beans. They have dark chocolate and sweet corn like notes with medium acidity and full body.

We hope you enjoy this pack of 3 extremely diverse flavour profiles from uniquely grown and processed coffees.

1. Monsooned Malabar

2. Mysore nuggets

3. Robusta kaapi royale

Each pack is of 75g, so the total coffee you receive is 225g

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