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Iconic coffee combo (Pack of 3)

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Arabica & Robusta

Indian estate coffee: Chikmagalur, Mangalore, Manjarabad

Roast level: Light to Medium

Processing : Unwashed arabica,(Monsooned Malabar), Washed arabica(Mysore Nuggets), Washed robusta (Robusta Kaapi Royale)

These are 3 very unique coffees curated by the Coffee Board of India that also put Indian coffees on the global coffee scene.

1. Monsooned Malabar is a 100% arabica blend is uniquely processed on the Malabar coast of India. They have earthy, woody notes, with less acidity and medium body.

2. Mysore Nuggets is a 100% arabica blend that mostly comprises the largest-sized coffee beans. They have spicy, chocolatey notes with medium acidity and full body.

3. Robusta Kaapi Royale is a 100% robusta blend that is grown at lower elevations and boasts of the largest-sized robusta beans. They have dark chocolate and sweet corn-like notes with medium acidity and a full body.

We hope you enjoy this pack of 3 extremely diverse flavor profiles from uniquely grown and processed coffees.

Each pack is 75g, so the total coffee you receive is 225g.

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