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Coffee Kombucha (pack of 4)

Coffee Kombucha (pack of 4)

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Pack of 4 only

An ancient and truly delicious tangy-sweet beverage kombucha tea is refreshing and probiotic rich. Made with organic sugar green tea, Bhu Kombucha gives you energy, quells pain, detoxifies the body and infuses your gut with good bacteria, yeasts and organic acids. Bhu Kombucha is fermented for two weeks, during which the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Yeast and Bacteria) eats and converts the sugared green tea into a range of organic acids, vitamins B and C, enzymes, amino acids. We then flavour with spices, fruit or vegetables, all of which are in themselves, fresh and nutritious. Bhu Kombucha is a healthy alternative to sodas, caffeine and alcohol, and works its way into your heart (and guts!) by being the good guy in your fridge.

Ingredients : Bili Hu Cold brew Coffee, Vanilla, Organic green tea and Organic Sugar, Vanilla essence and Kombucha. Shelf life: 4 months

Surprise yourself with lemony tang of this delicious coffee kombucha and the rounded fullness of vanilla bean.

Net Weight : 250ml



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