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Single Estate Coffee Combo

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Arabica coffees

Single estate coffee: In and around Chikmagalur

Roast level: Medium

Processing: Washed (Aghora Estate), Red Honey Sun-dried (Balur Estate)

A combo of Single Estate coffees you won't regret!

This combo includes two single estate coffees from In and around Chikmagalur, Karnataka which are uniquely processed and have a unique story from plucking the cherries to roasting of green beans. We hope you appreciate these gourmet coffees.

1. Aghora Estate - run by a lady farmer, this is a 20-acre plot, top of the hill, amidst a larger 200-acre plantation. They grow multiple crops alongside coffee and use sustainable agricultural practices to grow their coffee. They are known mostly for the immense wildlife that thrives at the plantation.

2. Balur Estate - run by a fourth-generation planter, this is a plantation that thrives on sustainable farming practices amidst a rainforest. They grow multiple spices and tropical fruits alongside coffee and have a lake within the plantation that is usually used to distribute water across the farm. It’s among the lesser-known plantations that have their curing works at the farm and have full control of their crop.

Most suitable for manual extraction methods and black coffee drinkers

Each pack is 200g, so the total coffee you receive is 400g

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