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Chemex coffee maker (6cups)

Chemex coffee maker (6cups)

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Chemex - made of glass with a wooden collar and leather tie. It's a bigger version of pourover method. In a pourover method we allow the coffees to breathe. As soon as we pour in the water, the coffee swells up and blooms. The inverted conical design allows the coffee to rise and the let CO2 release. We slowly pour in the water to let the coffee release the relevant flavour compounds at it's own speed without any pressure.

Chemex filter paper absorbs the natural oils from coffee - a little of acidity, bitterness ad off-notes. And what we get in this theatrical brewing session is a pure, natural and flavourful brew. Chemex filter paper absorbs more oils, thus giving us a lighter, cleaner cup of coffee.   is 

- Made of glass with a wooden collar for easy grip. 

- Easy to wash and maintain. 

- Suitable for 6 cups